How we’re dealing with Covid-19

Who would have thought the human population would be facing a pandemic such the Covid pandemic we currently find ourselves in! I recall watching pandemic movies of the 80’s and 90’s and laughing to myself about how far-fetched they were joke is on me it seems!

Fact is Covid-19 is here and it’s here to stay, like it or not we all have to deal with it, it’s now a very real part of our lives.

Here at Durban Safaris and Tours we take it seriously, no one’s health is worth taking chances. We don’t just want you, our valued guests, to be healthy, but our guides and of course all the local South Africans we deal with on a daily basis.

The South Africa Government has an official Covid019 site. Click this link to learn about Covid-19 and the response to it.

To ensure we achieve this, we have adopted some new practices and policies. Here’s the quick list of what we’re putting in place (click the links for the details).

Covid-19 Precautions

Private tours

We’ve always tried our best to keep all tours private. That meant that if you booked a tour for you and your partner, then that’s what you got, a tour with you and your partner. On occasion booking agents sometimes tried to cram other guests onto the same tour, something we’ve tried to avoid but once in a while agreed to do.

Our policy now to keep all tours private, only your group will be on tour in our vehicles, whether you’re traveling by yourself, or with your group of friends or with your family.

Mask wearing

Covid-19 is spread through airborne particles, and as such the South African government had made it a law that all persons must wear a mask that covers mouth and nose while in public.

This law goes for both our drivers and guides, as well as you, our valued guests. And if you don’t have a mask, or you misplace yours, we do have masks on hand at no charge.

Sanitizing of hands

At every store, restaurant and other public locations you will find hand sanitizing stations. That goes for our vehicles as well. On entering our vehicles we’ll give your hands a quick spritz with an effective anti-bacterial spray to deal with any nasty bugs that you may have come in contact with.

Of course you are welcome to bring along your own hand sanitizer as well, or if you’d like we’ll happily provide your with your own stash to use.

Sanitizing of vehicles

Much like our hands, we like to keep our vehicles both clean and safe. So after every day of use, we spray the vehicles interior to ensure you and your families safety.

All guides are vaccinated

The South African government has provided “the jab” for everyone and all of our guides have bravely had their shots.

Taking of temperature

While taking temperatures has become common place for detecting covid-19 symptoms, turns our it;s quite a good idea to detect all symptoms, after all emergencies don’t care what continent they happen on!

We check temperatures every morning and have a plan in place to ensure yours and our safety.

Covid plan of action

We carry testing kits with us, so if you do feel a little feverish we’ll be able to start with a simple test to check if you have in fact contracted covid-19.

If the test is positive we’ll get to you a medical practitioner to do a far more accurate test, and then we’ll ensure your recuperation is as painless as possible. We’ll also assist you with dealing with cancellations and bookings if need be.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about covid-19 in South Africa or anything else for that matter, feel free to get in touch with us. Click here to visit our contact page.

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