Trip Report

Durban City Day Tour Trip Report for 05 Sept 2022

I had such a fun Durban day tour with a family from the USA who were originally from India.

I picked my guests up from a boutique hotel in Florida, Durban at 8:30am and started off with the beachfront area as I always do.

I think must guides have this sort of fixed itinerary that they stick to and of course I’m no different. However not soon after starting, my clients threw me a bit of a yorker (you thought I was gonna say a “curve ball” didn’t you!) and plans had to be changed.

Turns out my clients had visited Durban many times before and so were familiar with the city; although they were now. living in the USA, they were originally from India and had family members in Durban. But, they they had no idea about the Indian heritage of Durban, and neither did their family who lived in Durban.

So on this particular Durban day tour, I focused more on the Indian heritage part of the tour and even headed out to places like Cato Manor and Chatsworth to give them a deeper insight into the history of the Indian people in Durban.

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Back to the blog post…

Although I wouldn’t usually visit the Mahatma Gandhi site on a Durban day tour, I wanted to make sure my guests got the full experience with regards to Indian heritage of Durban so we ended up driving out to the site after our lunch. I think they really loved that part of the tour the most, they spent a lot of time just simply contemplating the site.

Oh and about lunch. I consider myself to be quite the connoisseur of good, hot curries; boy was I wrong. My guests decided to treat me to a good curry at a small restaurant in Durban that I didn’t even know existed. They told the server that I was guest of theirs and that they should serve the good stuff.

It was so good, but I actually thought I was eating bits of the sun because it may well have been the hottest curry known to man!

I had a great time on this tour and based on their email to me, so did they. I got to learn something from them and they got a better insight into what their extended families life was like in South Africa.

All in all, a great Durban city tour!