Why You Should Book a Durban City Tour

It’s easy to pass by Durban on your way to the Kruger National Park or Cape Town, but the fact is that Durban is one of the best cities to visit in South Africa. And if you are visiting, you should treat yourself to a Durban City Tour with us.

International travelers from all corners of the globe explore South Africa year in and year out, but most miss out on one of the most exciting cities in South Africa, the city of Durban. If you’re headed out to South Africa anytime soon, then you need visit Durban and book a full day Durban city tour, and this is why.

A Melting Pot of Culture

It’s an accepted fact that as beautiful as the city of Cape Town is, it is really just an European city in South Africa. If you want to get to grips with the real authenticate South Africa, then you need to visit Durban.

On our city tours we delve into the history of 4 groups of people who settled and called Durban home; the Zulu people, the Indian people, the British and the Afrikaner people. Each of these groups brought a little something to Durban and left their inedible marks on the fabric of what is today Durban.

You’ll see the Zulu people in the Muthi (medicine) markets, the Indian people in the spice emporiums, the British in their Victorian era architecture and the Afrikaaner influence in the foods that we love so much.

Understanding how these groups all live, work and play together is key to understanding contemporary South Africa.

Food, Delicious Food!

As my mother always used to say, I live to eat and not eat to live – a sentiment I have claimed as my own!

From the lunchtime favorite, the “bunny chow“, to the syrup coated “koeksister“, Durban has an amazing culinary range that will satisfy any and all cravings. It is the Indian people we have to give thanks to for the “bunny chow“; a hearty curry ladled into a hollowed out half-loaf of bread. The Afrikaner gets thanks for the rusk, the vetkoek and the koeksister, the Zulu for their love of eating together as a group, friends and strangers together and the British for the Sunday afternoon roasts that strain the belt buckle.

On our Durban city tour you’ll get to tasts a little of everything while taking a break in Africa’s oldest botanical gardens, this will be a tour you’ll never forget!

The History

The history of Durban is as fascinating as it’s people. From it’s humble beginnings when a group of Englishman (and a handful of Afrikaners) landed on the shores intent with setting up a trading post to the creation of the township system that become prevalent during apartheid.

British royalty visited, Winston Churchill made a speech on the steps of the town hall. Mark Twain visited as did the Prince Imperial of France, as did many many more luminaries. Mahatma Gandhi lived and worked in Durban, Bill Clinton dined at my favorite restaurant SPICE.

Fact is, Durban shaped the South Africa we know and love today.

The great outdoors

Did you know the Durban Botanical Gardens are the oldest in Africa? Yup.

Established to research and develop different agricultural products, the botanical gardens today are the perfect place to discover more about our natural heritage here in South Africa. The garden is home to the rarest cycad in the world with it’s own personal security system and team, as well as amazing orchards, a butterfly house and more.

Often we’ll make the botanical gardens the perfect spot for a coffee break for milktert and koeksisters. And if you aren’t sure what those are, you’ll have to some out to visit and taste for yourself!

There is also the beaches, perfect for a quick swim, learn to surf or enjoy a sunrise SUP session with the dolphins. On your tour with me I’ll show the spots to go and book the sessions or hire your boards or book your surfing lesson. There’s also options for in season whale watching, deep sea fishing charters or even sunset cruises with champagne aboard luxury yachts.

The markets

Who goes traveling without buying a little something from local markets? If small (or large) curios are your thing, you cannot go wrong with Durban.

On your Durban city tour we visit the Victoria Street Market which is perfect for beaded work, hand carved masks and other carving, enough Indian spices to keep the most avid chef happy for years to come.

There’s also clothing (you have to get a “and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” for someone) including beautiful sari’s, and beaded chest coverings and hats and traditional sandals and more and more. And there’s art work, beautiful amazing original art work that can be bought and shipped around the world (we are a cultured bunch in Durban).

The friendly people of Durban

Last but by no means least, there’s the warm and friendly people of Durban ready to welcome you with smiles all round. That’s what we’re really known for, just being a bunch of friendly people who will bend over backwards to help you any way we can.

Ready to Book?

It goes without saying that I think Durban is the best city in South Africa. I may be a little bias of course, as I sit here and type away in the middle of a game reserve with Zebra and Giraffe keeping me company (check out my wildlife tours for more), but I truly think that Durban has so much to offer the world traveler.

If you are keen to book a Durban city day tour with me, then use the contact details below to get in touch, or use the convenient contact form below and I’ll send you the info you need.

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