South Africans: You Gotta Laugh

If there is one thing that we South Africans can do, it’s have a good laugh at ourselves!

Living in South Africa definitely isn’t easy. We got crime, we got a (very) high cost of living, we have basic infrastructure challenges, a government out of touch with it’s people, etc, etc.

But here in South Africa, in spite of all the drama, we know how to laugh at ourselves, who could ever forget the banned Nando’s advert featuring the top 6 dictators (was Pik a dictator I wonder?).

This time around someone is poking fun at load-shedding.

What is load shedding you ask? Well (mostly) everyday in South Africa the parastatal responsible for providing electricity decided to help us appreciate the world around us and cuts the power for 2 hours and we then all get to go outside and soak up some sun or nap.

Of course I’m being a little sarcastic here, fact is load-shedding is a very real thing that happens in South Africa and is responsible for the country losing millions if not billions of rands.

The reasons for load-shedding are many, but it all stems from the Apartheid era government who rolled out electricity supply to only 40% of the country and to hell with the rest.

The new government, the ANC, now has to roll electricity out to the remaining 60% using infrastructure that is too old to do the job. Of course the government didn’t help matters by allowing corruption, ineptitude and cadre deployment to become the policy of the day.

Anyways, King Price, an insurance company has made fun of the situation by producing an excellent YouTube video. In it, a new South African anthem is launched, so funny.

Drop me a comment if you think it’s as funny as I do!

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