The Durban Podcast

Another podcast, It’s what the world needs right now right? Well needed or not, it’s fun and will hopefully be full of helpful information about my favourite city, Durban.

I have to admit that the idea of a podcast about Durban in all her beauty (and her dark side) has been rattling about in my head for quite some time now, but I’ve been hesitant to take the plunge.

One of the reasons I’ve been delaying is time – I can barely keep up with my blogging schedule (truth be told I’m way behind) and adding now another task of putting together a podcast on top of the teetering pile seems a little like masochism.

However I recently listened to a podcast (the irony) that hammered the fact home that we should all be challenging ourselves, after all we only get one life; unless of course you’re Elon Musk who I firmly believe will find a way to freeze his body or somehow transfer his mind into the cloud.

So I signed up with (who is now Spotify) and even recorded a promo! Now all that I have to do is find some people out there willing to listen to me drone on about how amazing Durban is for around 25 minutes at a time.

What’s it all about then?

I’ve always felt Durban got a bit of a raw deal from the powers that be – you constantly hear Cape Town and Kruger National Park being promoted everywhere, but Durban kinda falls to the wayside and that’s not fair.

Durban has so much going for her – not only are there the world class beaches, oodles of sunny beach days, great people, heritage and culture, there’s also the fact the Durban is close to the mountains and Zululand and the battlefields – why would you want to stay anywhere else?

On my podcasts I’ll explore a bit of the history of Durban, talk about the things you can do while visiting, explore the safari tours, the mountain hikes, the fishing and surfing and all the other stuff that makes Durban great.

I’ll also be exploring what makes a great safari, I’ll be giving out safari tips, discussing what to expect and so on – so a wide range of topics really.

Where can you find the podcast?

You can find the podcast an Spotify, Google Podcasts. or any other podcast rss player of your choice. All episodes will be available on my website on their own page as well.

I’ll be aiming for 1 new podcast episode a week and am holding thumbs that’s as easy as it sounds. Until then, subscribe to my podcast and never miss an episode.

Look out for the first episode coming out this week!

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