Durban Zulu Cultural Shore Excursion

One of the reasons we travel is to discover and explore the traditions and cultural of people around the world and, on this Durban Zulu Cultural Shore Excursion, you’ll get to learn more about the nation that shaped South Africa, the Zulu people!

  • Cost: just R1 850.00 per person (min 2 persons).
  • About GBP £79 / USD $103 per person*
  • Limited to 16 guests.
  • Entry fees included.
  • Braai (barbecue) lunch included.
  • Complimentary “Goody Bag” included.

About Our Durban Zulu Cultural Shore Excursion

  • You will get to visit two sites on this shore excursion from Durban; the rural village of iSithumba and PheZulu Safari Park.
  • Situated in the heart of the Valley of a 1000 Hills, you will get a guided tour of the village of iSithumbe which will give you great insight into the lives of the Zulu people today; specifically how the old ways still influence the Zulu people today.
  • After the tour you will get to enjoy what is a South African past-time, a braai (shisanyama in Zulu, barbecue for everyone else).
  • After the lunch time braai you’ll head up to PheZulu Safari Park where you’ll get to enjoy a Zulu dance depicting a traditional courtship.
  • Finally, to round off your day you’ll get a short tour of the critters and creatures that call KwaZulu Natal home, the snakes and crocs.

Book This Shore Excursion

To ensure that your shore excursion in Durban leaves a positive lasting impression, we are limiting this tour to no more than 16 people, so don’t delay! Use the form below to reserve your seat, please let us know the date of the excursion and the cruise ship name.

    F.A.Q. : Durban Zulu Shore Excursion

    What is a braai?

    What we here in South Africa, you probably call a barbecue. Here is South Africa it’s considered a national sport, we even have a cooking show about it 🙂

    What foods are served at a braai?

    No braai is complete without a little steak and boerewors (farmers sausage). Sides include potato salads, wild spinach, mielies (corn on the cob) and a few other delicious options.

    How much walking is there on this tour?

    You will be walking at a very leisurely slow pace, for around 90min, some of it uphill. On the whole, as long as you’re not wheel chair bound, you’ll be fine.

    What should we wear?

    If you’re visiting in the summer, it gets hot so sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses etc are a good idea. I would consider a light long sleeve shirt as well. Most South Africans would be in shorts and slops (fli-flops) but any comfy shoes will do.

    How do we pay?

    You’ll need to pay a 50% deposit to secure your spot which can be done online, and the balance can be paid on the morning of the tour using credit/debit card.