Shore Excursions

We have been offering and organising Durban cruise ship shore excursions since 2010 and we have earned only 5-star reviews. More than anything we want you to experience as we locals do, a place that is warm and inviting and friendly!

To ensure that you get the very best experience of your Durban shore excursion, we limit the groups to a maximum of 16 people – so don’t delay and book your spot today!

Our Durban Cruise Ship Shore Excursions

The Quick List

A cruise ship is docked again a wharf. The skies are blue with no clouds, the harbour water is choppy. The name on the ship is amsterdam

Durban City Shore Excursion

Cost: R1400pp (GBP £60 / USD $78)

This is such a popular shore excursion! Not only do you get to experience Durban as a local, but you get to try some local foods as well!

  • Explore the Zulu and Indian Markets of Durban,
  • Try local foods,
  • Visit the rarest tree in the world,
  • Cruise the Golden Mile
  • Learn a little Zulu.

Durban Zulu Cultural Excursion

Cost: R1850pp (GBP £79 / USD $103)

An amazing experience for those wanting to dive a little deeper into the culture and customs of the local Zulu people.

  • Enjoy a tour of an authentic rural Zulu village in the Valley of a 1000 Hills,
  • Learn a little Zulu and try some local foods,
  • Enjoy a South African favourite, a delicious braai (barbecue) with complimentary craft beers.
  • Visit PheZulu for a Zulu dance show.
Giraffe watch as guests enjoy their picnic lunch.

Wildlife and Zulu Cultural Excursion

Cost: R1990pp (GBP £85 / USD $111)

This Durban shore excursion to Tala Game Reserve and the PheZulu Zulu experience is a great way to experience two of Durban’s best know activities!

  • Experience the beauty of the Natal bush-veld,
  • Try a bunny chow lunch,
  • Thrill with the enthusiastic dance of the Zulu people,
  • Be accompanied by a qualified and passionate guide.

Durban Shore Excursions F.A.Q.

How many people in a Durban shore excursion group?

We limit our groups to a maximum of 16 people to ensure you have the very best experience.

We are worried about missing our ship, can this happen?

In short, no. First off, Durban is not actually that big, so you’re never 30 minutes away from the terminal. Secondly, we always ensure you are back well before departure. Lastly, in all these years, never once have we had an issue being back on time.

Your tours are cheaper than the cruise ship tours, why is that?

We want you to have the best possible experience while visiting Durban and our prices we believe are not only value for money, but they are designed for small businesses like ourselves and the sites we visit to make a living without gouging you.

We are worried about eating the local foods, is it safe?

Not only are the local foods safe, but delicious as well. We get visitors from across the world in Durban every year, not just in cruise season. Any restaurant that does not offer hygienic, delicious food, simply wouldn’t last. The food is good, please don’t worry.

We have heard that Durban is not safe?

We wont beat about the bush, Durban, like many other cities, has a problem with high unemployment and so there is a lot of petty crime. Fact is, the places we take you too doesn’t experience the type of crime you’re hearing about. On top of that, we want you to enjoy your time, so we are hardly about to put you (or ourselves) in danger. In 14 years, not one of our guests has been a victim of crime.

What happens to our deposit if the cruise ship does not dock in Durban?

You get your money back. In South Africa we have the Consumer Protection Act which ensures that provided the trip is cancelled at least 24 hours before the date, you will get you deposit back less an admin fee of 15%.

How do I pay?

On booking you will receive an invoice for a 50% deposit. This is paid online using your credit/debit card. On the day of the tour, you can settle the balance using credit/debit card. Please note that this is done before the tour departs.